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. that statement from president obama is ridiculous. if you look at u.s. oil consumption, it's been declining for a long time now. last year we consumed 18.6 million barrels of oil a day, which i the same amount we consumed in 1996. so u.s. oil consumption is going down. not about the u.s. consuming more oil. western european oil consumption is going down. i you want to know where the growth is coming. , it's emerging marks like champion and india. china consumes two barrels of oil per person per year compared to the u.s. at 22 and at it just going to keep going -- >> it's not how much we're using but access to how much we're getting? the president says he has been more open to opening up land than anyone prior. you say what? >> well, i don't think so. obviously the u.s. energy companies are having some success. u.s. oil production has been rising for three years. u.s. and canada are the only two countries outside opec, showing any growth at all. but there's a lot more we can do. another big problem is the enable to build new pipelines to actually move oil from all these new fields in north d
public. >> next. >> brennan stressed the plot was not a threat to u.s. public or air safety because washington had inside control. >> inside control of the plot. that's exactly right. >> okay. so based on that, one would know that we had something inside. is that a fair statement? >> it's -- from that statement, it is known that ied at the time was not a threat to the traveling public. we said there was no active plot at the time. >> would you agree that disclosure was -- resulted in the outing of an asset that shouldn't have been outed. >> absolutely not. >> how can you say that. >> because i -- what i'm saying is that we were explaining to the american public why the ied was not a threat at the time it was in the control of individuals. when we say positive control, inside control, we have at operation either environmentally or any number of ways. it did not reveal classified information and i told those individuals and -- to transcripts available of that conversation. i cannot talk about the operational details of this whatsoever. >> having used the words of inside control, it is
. >> ahead of the automatic spending cuts the rush to release illegal immigrants? u.s. immigration, customs and enforcement, telling fox, and i quote, as fiscal uncertain at the remains over the continuing resolution and possible sequestration, i.c.e. reviewed seven hundred cases and and found supervision less costly than incarceration. what they're saying is we might spring them early. i think that's what they're saying. michael cutler. using sequestration as an accuse? >> more excuses than my dog ate my homework. the immigration is anything but a victimless crime now. it's become a punishment-less crime. >> neil: we're going to have limited government resources presumely after phrase, and they have to handle these cases in an expedited fashion, and saying, you don't have to be worried about. >> if you want to expect diet them, move them out of the country. the administration says they're only going after criminal aliens that means these people have criminal history and they're not giving us names or numbers of who is being released. i'm making a presumption they have criminal histories. t
of these procedures were applied to our own servicemen. tens of thousands of u.s. soldiers had gone through this, closed quote. now, as we investigated at the senate arms services in our 2008 report, so called survival evasion, resistance or sear techniques were used to train members of our military. they were never intended to be used by u.s. interrogators. these techniques were based on chinese communist interrogations techniques to elicit confessions, to expose u.s. -- the use or training of u.s. personnel and exposing of them for a few moments to these techniques which helped the -- was meant to help them survive in the event they were captured and in the event they were subjected to these techniques. my question is there any comp ability between a friendly trainer in the united states, exposing our troops to abuses, sear techniques, including waterboarding for a few moments, under close supervision. is there any possible compare ability to that to using these techniques on an enemy in an effort to extract intelligence? >> they're for completely different purposes and intentions. i don't say
>> shepard: the u.s. leads the globe when it comes to total plastic surgery, but we're not number one in every category. according to a reporting of the economist, the u.s. is not even in the top three for nose jobs. china, japan, and brazil lead that category. and south korea, greece, and italy all have a higher rate of plastic surgery when you factor in population. the report also shows that the number of plastic surgeries in the united states and the number one is ... breast augmentation. if you freeze it, they will come. i'm shepard smith. that's it for "studio b". we're all back tonight for the fox report. 7:00 eastern time, 6:00 in oxford. your world with cavuto is coming up. the dow has taken a last minute turnaround. once it learned about the rebel success, it's up. >>> no more mr. most o post mant least on saturdays. is that really going to fix the problem or is it time to deliver a plan that works? welcome, everybody, i'm eric bolin for neil cavuto. union costs spiraling out of control, the postal service cutting back on deliveries. >> deliverly will occur monday through
corporate bobbe bond rates. effect about givingp money to the u.s. government. corporate bond rates are low, too. people have to go to equities to find return. i think you'll see that continue. >> we hope you pay your taxes because we like you back on the show. >> i hope the irs is watching. >> scott, appreciate it. >>> house speaker john boehner saying this is the wrong time for president obama to scrap his jobs council, but the washington examiner's byron york said it wasn't worth saving at all. byron coming from high home town of san francisco, hope that makes you a 9ers fan temporarily. >> i am through sunday. >> what's the deal with the jobs council. why is it no big deal that the president got rid of it? >> it was always a big nothing. there's no doubt about it. president obama has often been under criticism throughout his time in office for putting other issues before jobs and the exee, and in his first term it was obama care or cap and trade. now you hear about gun control and immigration, and creating a jobs council was a way to show that he was actively involved and compared appro
. >> and a new poll, 64% of voters say the u.s. border isn't very secure. is she the person to decide who it is. napolitano independent has the final say. a former ins agent says that doesn't mean she is the best judge when it is secure. you don't think she is a good judge of the bored center. >> not at all. this is the evil leapt of having al capone the -- >> we talk about the plan with the eight senators, said that the border needs to be secure first before they implement some of the other initiatives within the plan. but -- >> if not her, then who? >> the border exists in all 50 states. second of all, the entire immigration system lacks integrity. the united states citizenship and immigration services, which is a division of dhs, an agency so screwed up i've come to call it the department of homeland surrender, there's no integrity. the program the president implemented under the dreamer business there's no face-to-face interviews. we're talking about people who could not past muster by coming in legally. they might willwell be terrorists or criminals or fugitives. >> napolitano works for w
cancelled across the country, and here at the three major airports in new jersey and new york, many of the u.s. airlines decided to cut off departures by 5:00 tomorrow and not to resume until after noon tomorrow, and if we did go inside earlier today and there are no lines. there are no lines for checkin there are no lines for security, and the reason is, when we check the board, the monitors for departures and arrives, everything was cancelled. most everything was cancelled. we found some people waiting in here. one guy from france said his flight was cancelled. tonight he has to wait until tomorrow to get a flight and doesn't know what he is going do he has to try to get a hotel to, otherwise he is staying here. we did find some people that had a flight at 6:30. their airline called them and changed the flight to earlier. so they were supposed to get oust here at 5:00 so they're hoping they wail be able to do that before at the brunt of the storm hits, get out of here and get to their destination safely. but it is just a ghost town here. it appears that a lot of the airlines did call people
because the company is in the u.s. and ireland but a appeals court ruled in facebook's favor claiming using real names keeps our community safe. >>> i'm harris faulkner. that is it for "studio b." fun to be here for shepard. bill hemmer is in for the "fox report" at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you for "fox report weekend." don't move n a few seconds, my friend, neil, will bring your world to you. in that world, asteroids, meteorites, but we're still here. >>> fox on top of the meteor and the meat head? there's a lot of scary stuff outside our earth, the other proves they're scarier stuff here on earth. >> is it a spending problem in no. it's because we have a misallocation of capital. a misallocation of wealth. >> what? i've seen the signs of the apocks lips. i just had no idea they would be dollar signs. >> wow, welcome, i'm neil cavuto, good grief a meteor hitting russia, an asteroid darn near hitting earth and no less than a u.s. senator hitting us with this. >> everyone says we have a spending problem. when they talk about that, it's like there's an assumption we as a nation are b
will not deliver or collect mail on saturday. after losing nearly $16 billion, the u.s. postal service said this move will save it $2 billion a year. tim carney has an even better plan that will not only save money but keep the services flowing. what say you, mr. carney? >> i think the post office needs to be forced to compete. whether we privatize the post office or just keep it as a government agency, this will drive efficiency. this obviously would mean something bad for the postal union, but right now it's illegal to compete with the u.s. postal service. >> well, some would say fed ex and ups competes with the postal service, and they're making a profit. >> yeah. they are making a profit, and they can compete with certain aspects of what the postal service does, but if they tried to deliver a letter and charged less than $2.50, that would be illegal. if they tried to drop it off or you wanted to set up your own postal service in some part of manhattan and drop it off in somebody's mailbox, their own property, that would be illegal. there are federal laws to protect the postal service fr
of american airlines and u.s. airways, we have four super carriers ruling the skies. for nine out of ten u.s. flyers, ruling their travel plans as well. that's how many flights american, united, delta and southwest will account for. 90% of all flights in the country. to the guys to put this $11 billion deal together, in a moment, first. to casey stegall at dallas-fort worth on the big, the bad and possibly the ugly. >> reporter: yeah, that's what we're hearing. the airport is abus here with this news. american clearly owns the market here. in fact this is the carrier's largest and most busiest hub operating the vast majority of in and outbound flights. amr headquarters just down the road, the largest employer in north texas. the merger concern was that the corporate offices would be moved somewhere else and not kept here. we now know the answer is no to that. they are going to remain here in texas. but what really remains unclear today, what will this mean when you book your next trip? that is what virtually ever passenger told us that they fear with this megamerger. >> the one thing is that
a u.s. senator hitting us with this. >> everyone says we have a spending problem. when they talk about that, it's like there's an assumption we as a nation are broke. >> neil: we are broke! but do you see a pattern here? not the meteor and asteroid thing, the spending isn't an issue thing. tom harkin, nancy pelosi, barack obama, i'm seriously gingrich to think they are crazy. they're all card carrying members of the you the new spending planet earth society. no problems, no worries. good god. to former ohio democratic congressman dennis kucinich. congressman, a trillion dollar more going out than coming in. this would be a spending problem, would it not? >> government's wasting money. it should spend less on war and give less to the pharmaceuticals. i understand what senator harken's saying. >> i don't understand it at all. when you say we don't have a spending problem, you are saying that a trillion more going out than coming in -- >> i didn't say that. >> you know what i mean. the 60 trillion-dollar in debt. we've known each other many years. in your worst days, and there haven't bee
. they plan to invest their wings winnings. >> what a day for dow. a bounce back from a big surge in u.s. home prices. they're increasing sides that europe's economy is getting better. got some good earnings reports from some of the big companies. no matter what they want you do believe -- for today, at least -- the economy is looking up. i'm shepard smith. see you back here tonight on fox report. you'll be all right. [screaming] >> well, like the sequel to a 1950s horror film, only is this fly going to stick? welcome. i'm stewart in for neil cavuto. remember this, that fiscal cliff deal, huge amount in tax hikes. not much in the way of spending cuts. are we about to see the sequel? the president is calling on congress to pass another quick fix to avert those automatic spending cuts he originally signed off on, kicking in march 1 income, and this includes new tax revenues. the former south carolina senator jim demint says we have seen how the movie ins and it's not go. okay, jim, spell it out. more tacks and not so many spending cuts. what's the result? >> you have to scratch your head. the fe
, are considering -- just considering for the time being -- federal i.d.es for every u.s. worker. but is -- this is a bio metric i.d. that will have your fingerprints and other stuff. and that has some wondering whether it's even legal. is it? >> fancy span si is a good way to put it. we're at increasing odds with forgery and. the this is what just we need. this is what we need to protect our privacy, to protect our security. we need a full-proof neglect and plan of fixing what we have. >> neil: worry about, i'm from the government, i'm here to help, and the national i.d. card is going to cure our ills. how does it make these problems disappear? >> i don't think it does. you can make the argue. you want to stop traffic accidents, day away cars. you want to stop crime at light? don't let people come out of their hours. make the speed 15-miles-an-hour. no one will die in a car accident in this country, there's something called privacy and we can debate the constitutionality of it but the first amendment talks bit it, the thirded, the 14th -- >> how does the invasion of -- we alread
, including u.s. government officials, who in 2007 possibly state -- problems in the subprime market appear to be contained. basically we're not guilty. we did the same thing and you're picking on us. >> exactly. that's why people are saying there has to be something more to this. >> is it possible that this suit from the justice department tries to lay all of the blame for the crash of '08 on wall street? demonizing wall street? it's the bankers fault, the brokers, the insurance companies, the ratings companies, anything but politicians. >> just like the tax bubble. so easy to point at these analysts and said was their fault. the deserve 3 or 5% of the blame yes, they were wrongs they should have western people, yes they had a conflict of interest. but there are so many characters to blame. there's everyone who about a house they couldn't afford and told they didn't have to put anything down. the house would go up in value. buyer beware. everybody was at fault here. so to hang the whole thing onsell app s&p is ludicrous. >> the justice don't wants $5 billion. let's suppose there's a settle
in the "wall street journal," first sentence saying the sequestration cuts would threaten u.s. national security and cost thousands of jobs. you would thing why are you for them? the argument republicans should be make something it's a first and modest step toward getting control of out of control government spending. >> and modest at that. thank you. . ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
-- there were a lot of things missing from last night. but when michelle obama is standing with the u.s. military, servicemen and women, i would have expected her to give a shout out to the military. when ben affleck stood up, there was no mention of our intelligence services and our spies that go to work every day under the radar with no recognition whatsoever. he thanked canada, he did not thank the united states. no mention of our military troops around the world. that speaks volumes to me. that was a sin of omission. >> but he did -- >> they don't even think that way. >> he made his important point, which was i was denied my oscar and i refuse to be bitter. i'm really pissed. then but having the first lady going to washington -- >> neil: that was weird. >> you talk about bringing politics into the oscars, given what you have just ex excluded, the lincoln movie. >> >> neil: what about the lincoln snub. >> they had to give him the award because he was unbelievable. everything else was snubbed. same with "zero dark thirty." "argo" weapon to have but we -- we have to have. >> the golden
fingered because it dared to downgrade the u.s. then there's douglas elmendorf. the director of the congressional budget office who was called into the white house shortly after the questioning the administering's so-called savings from its proposed healthcare law. after a little chat with the president in the oval office, different numbers, more friendly to the president's healthcare heck law coming from the budget office. >> and then complaining about the auto bailouts when they weren't buying the white house line? guess who the white house moved to the back of the line. yep. and weeks after the nation the president threatened warms who refused stimulus money, he would call them out, and how he publicly berated the supreme court during his 2010 state of the "state of the union" address over a ruling he didn't like, or threatened the court yet again, suggesting it's littity malls si would rearrived it voted against the health care law. follow the crumb. it gets crumbier, but i have a lot of crumbs but why risk being called a racist. my problem isn't with the color of the pre
the sequestration cuts would threaten u.s. national security and cost thousands of jobs. you would thing why are you for them? the argument republicans should be make something it's a first and modest step toward getting control of out of control government spending. >> and modest at that. thank you. . ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, whe
there was a u.s. marble's report that he left his -- marshals report that he left his badge and wallet near the border. the boat he attempted to steal, he told the man a he could pick up in mexico. where his truck was found in big bear was a known associate of his. his parents own a home in big bear and the truck was found as the police were surveiling that home. it all ties together. they believe at some point, maybe he has an accomplice. when you fled with every resource and you still can't find this guy, plan "b", he had some type of associate or accomplice to get him off the mountain. now, we know if these reports are true, that somehow he was able to evade police for these past several days. in our he has decided that he was going to make a run for it at first. if they have him cornered now he is willing to fight it out. we believe he is armed to do so. as to reports where you say there are officers down, we had heard a couple scanner reports. we hated to go with this. it's very fluid. we heard couple scanner reports of police officers down, not one but two times. we are tempering this
. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. ♪ >> well this just in. the debt problem is gone. you didn't hear? it's gone. the word the president didn't utter because apparently it's a problem we don't have. nothing says no issue like not talking about the issue. i'm telling you, from the president to prom mant leading democrats, it's like the whole debt issue disappears. spending isn't a problem, which could explain why proposing hundreds of billions of dollars more of it isn't the problem. think about that and the awe dusty of that. spending $1 trillion more than you take in each year, every year isn't a problem. $16 trillion in debt isn't a problem. $20 trillion, best case scenario, ten years from now isn't a problem. looking americans straight in the face and say they make good on $4 trillion in budget cuts solve the problem. no one made good on any cuts and the so-called cuts aren't cuts at all. just $4 trillion off the growth of our debt. that is over the next ten years at that. by which time, we'll still have more than $20 trillion in debt. we are supposed to be grateful, we
as well. neil, the reason? people are saying because refine riz are down. the u.s. says our oil reserves are up. the fact is they're saying there's more necessity for gas around the globe, and that causes prices to spike, and here in california, as you hear a bus backing up to my right, people are not too happy whatsoever at all. they drive in and out of the station we're at. 4.99. you can drive around southern california in the car culture and fine a number of stations already above $5 a gallon. and again, we're in the middle of winter. wait until april comes around and the summer driving season starts and the prices spike then. people are worried we might see $6 a gallon here in california. i. >> neil: adam, thank you very much. even before the cold, it would cost you more to fill your car. wait until you see how much more it could be costing you just to heat your home. phil is on the -- with the latest on the chill pill. reporter: in the northeast if you're heating with heating oil, prices are 91-cents a gallon more than a year ago, this is mainly because of the aftermath of hurrican
to addressing something serious now. both videos urge stop kicking the can down the former u.s. senator david walker will happily shake to that cause any time. david, a couple of things i discovered about you. you're comfortable in your own skin, and you can't dance. i will. >> we have that in common. you and me both. >> one of the things i liked about this is you were really with a little bit of humor alerting people, particularly young people to a problem right in front of our eyes. what are you saying? >> they're going to pay the price. they're going to bear the burden for the failure, and i underline the word failure for the president and the congress to reach a fiscal bargain. let's put the numbers in perspective, neal. the sequester is 85 billion out of a 1.3 trillion dollar discretionary budget but over half a year. it's 85 out of 650 billion. it needs to happen if they don't reach a bigger deal, but it's more significant on the part of the budget that's being -- that's being affected than people realize. with need to deal with the drivers, demographics, health care costs, and an outda
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)